What should I pack for my 3 month trip to Italy?

I am studying abroad in Italy this spring. Any suggestions of important things I need to bring/ things I should leave at home? Thanks!

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  1. Screaming Bunny August 27, 2013 at 5:26 AM - Reply

    The same things you wold carry anywhere else.
    Where are you going and from where?
    Northern Italy is quite cold in spring and you might need a jacket for example.
    Alternate electric current is at 220 V, so check your voltage adapters (you will need an outlet adapter too).
    If you are very fond of something typical in your country, it might be difficult to be found here, especially if it’s “typically Italian”, because nearly none of the “typically Italian” things i saw abroad can be found in Italy. So, if you can’t live without some American products like Oreo biscuits, BBQ sauce, etc… bring a pack of them with you. Here you won’t find any “pepperoni”, “Alfredo” things, spaghetti with meatballs (or worse: chicken!) or other typically AMERICAN things that you believe are typically Italian (don’t ask me why you believe that, i don’t know… it’s like believing that Kebab comes from Norway…). Also, fast food can be difficult to be found in small city and usually give a different menu from yours, if you come from USA. We usually eat in bars, pubs, restaurants or take away focaccia/bread/pizza. The basic pizza here is called “margherita” (daisy) and should cost between 4 to 6 euros. Add ons make it more expensive.
    Don’t forget to take some photos, so bring a camera and USB drive to store them (or use an online one, like DropBox).
    Because of Euro, things might be a little more expensive.
    People tend to be “warmer” and kiss a lot, even between friends. I tell you this because you might think “am i in the gay district?” if you see people kissing (on cheeks)… it’s our way to shake hands (we also shake hands, but it’s more formal), so don’t worry.
    Healthcare is free for Italians and UE members, check your status and your insurance before finding out that you have to pay because you forgot to do the insurance.
    In spring there will be festivity: Fat Tuesday: Carnevale (similar to your Halloween, with masks and colors, if you are free on that day go to Viareggio, Venezia or Ivrea where you can see the traditional battle of oranges) Easter: Pasqua (and the monday after, the so called “little Easter”: Pasquetta) and the celebration of the end of WW2 on 25th of April. There was also the Constitution on 2nd of June but for what i remember they cancelled it in the last years 🙁
    People here have no idea of what a yard, a mile, a pound or an inch is (inches are known just because of TV screens), we use metric system, so speed limits are in Km/h for example.
    Smoking is FORBIDDEN in public places… you can do lots of things against law in Italy, but don’t even think to smoke in a public place, everybody will hate you and someone could even call the police to make you pay a fine.
    You can buy alcohol from 18, you can drink at the age you want if somebody lets you.
    If you need any help or advice just contact me.

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