what is the best mobile phone system to use when phoning from spain?

we spend quite a lot of time in Spain and find it very expensive to phone home using our mobile phone, perhaps it would be better using a Spanish network, any ideas please.

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  1. Dart August 27, 2013 at 12:00 AM - Reply

    Tumbit is spot-on, there.

    No service is a value if you can’t call.

    Also, international calls are usually pretty expensive, regardless of which country you bought the sim card in. If you have British phones/service, and are calling Britain from Spain, or you have Spanish phones/service, and are calling Britain from Spain, you are going to pay international charges, which are hefty.

    Have you thought about only calling once in a while, maybe from a computer with webcam? Try skype, MSN, or a service of that sort. They are free, and if you have the webcam, you can see each other, as well.

  2. Tumbit August 26, 2013 at 11:25 PM - Reply

    1) WHERE is home ? Is it another country – if so, which one ?

    2) WHAT is the signal like in your area ? For example in my area Yoigo, Movistar and Orange have a good signal, but Vodafone is useless. It doesn’t really matter what the best deals are if you can’t get a signal.

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