What does a Home Foreclosure Inspector do ?

I saw an ad for a home foreclosure inspector for some bank and was wondering what they do? The ad said that the candidate needed a digital camera, etc. to do verification of occupancy, etc. Does anyone know more about this type of work and what the banks need a foreclosure inspector for anyway? Thanks

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  1. foreclosurefish_com August 25, 2013 at 9:32 AM - Reply

    Each bank or lender may have there own definition of what a “foreclosure home inspector” is and the position may carry additional responsibilities or requirements depending on the bank. But in general a home foreclosure inspector is someone from the bank or a subcontractor hired by the bank, who goes to a property that has been or is being foreclosed on. The purpose of the inspection is to determine, the condition of the home, what repairs will need to be made and approximate value of the home.

    Another big purpose of this inspection is to determine if someone is currently living in the home. If the homeowners have moved out of the home and it is abandoned, the bank can forgo the eviction process and immediately take possession of the home. This can save a substantial amount of money for the bank.

    In most cases you’ll need background in real estate, appraisal or other related field to land this type of job.

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