What are the tourist sites not to be missed on a trip to Chicago?

Looking for those things that make Chicago such a great city
(someone told me there is Popcorn to die for, the best beef in the country and great museums) I am looking for those things that really define the city

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  1. rrmorris45 August 28, 2013 at 10:32 AM - Reply

    Things to MISS even though people will tell you to go
    Navy Pier – very cheesy & pointless
    Sears Tower – once you spend all that time getting to the top you go…why did I wait in line for 2 hours?

    Please know I’m just trying to save you time – and I hope you a wonderful trip!

  2. Kim August 28, 2013 at 9:48 AM - Reply

    Navy Pier is the city’s top tourist destination, but it’s a cheesy mall filled with souvenir shops and mediocre restaurants (and a children’s museum). There’s a giant Ferris wheel, IMAX theater and boat tours, too. It’s probably so popular because it’s good for families with little kids — cheap tchotchkes and expensive entertainment. It’s not a place I would ever take friends who are in from out of town; but if you have kids, it might be an option.

    The popcorn at Garrett’s is what you’ve heard so much about, and it is delicious. Messy, too. Be sure you pack baby wipes. Seriously. Napkins will not be enough to get the orange cheese mixture off your fingers. The mixture of cheese and caramel corn is famous, but I actually can’t get enough of their popcorn balls.

    The beef here is not the best in the country any longer, though I’ll be flamed for saying so, I’m sure. I have friends who have recently completed a tour of the city’s top steakhouses and came away disappointed. Not that they didn’t eat well, but it wasn’t the revelation they expected. The exception is David Burke’s Prime House (616 North Rush), an upstart restaurant run by a New York chef. It’s the only place in town that dry ages its beef. Next week they’re having a series of specials celebrating the birthday of their prize steer, who sires all their beef.

    Italian beef sandwiches are alive and well in Chicago, if that’s the kind of beef you mean. Mr. Beef (666 N Orleans St), Al’s # 1 Italian Beef (1079 W Taylor St) in Little Italy on the Near South Side and Portillo’s (100 W Ontario St) are the most famous purveyors.

    Chicago-stlye pizza is another local food icon. Gino’s East and Pizzerias Uno & Due are probably the most famous spots, though it’s a hotly contested topic.

    Hot Doug’s is THE place for a Chicago-style hot dog. Way off the beaten path, but in a fun neighborhood on Chicago’s North Side. The Wiener Circle is another popular option (2622 N. Clark), and Portillo’s has ’em, too, though it’s not the house specialty there.

    The Museum Campus downtown has the Art Institute, the Shedd Aquarium & Oceanarium, The Field Museum (home of Sue the Dinosaur and, at the moment, King Tut) and the Adler Planetarium all in one plot of land along Lake Michigan.

    Another stop worth making is Lincoln Park Zoo. It’s one of the last free zoos in the country and it’s recently undergone a major renovation. It’s north of the downtown area, but very easily accessible by mass transit and taxis. It’s one of my favorite places in the city. It’s on a very small footprint and designed so you can get up close to the animals. The polar bear underwater viewing window is phenomenal. You really can get nose to nose with nature here.

    The Zoo is also the site of one of the best photo opportunities in town. You can stand on Lester Fisher Bridge near the farm in the zoo and take a great picture with the Chicago skyline in the background.

    Millennium Park, a new space with sculpture, gardens and the Gehry bandshell is a very impressive recent addition.

    The city is definitely defined by the shopping districts on State Street and Michigan Avenue.

    Macy’s has just opened up their Chicago Designers Gallery on State Street, featuring 47 local designers. There’s lots of great discount stores like H&M, Filene’s Basement and Nordstrom Rack on State Street, too.

    Michigan Avenue is loaded with malls and boutiques for high-end power shopping. The North Bridge Mall contains two of Chicago’s best gourmet chocolatiers: Vosges and Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge. I highly recommend both.

    If you’re a sports fan, or traveling with them, Wrigley Field is an essential stop. On weekends when the Cubs are out of town, there are tours of the ballpark. If you’ve got cash to spare, try to snag a ticket to a White Sox game (they’ll be hard to come by with the playoffs approaching).

    Taking a tour with the Chicago Architecture Foundation is a fun way to see the city, too. There are walking tours and boat tours on the Chicago River.

  3. ADF August 28, 2013 at 9:30 AM - Reply

    Go up in one of the towers (Hancock or Sears)

    Get some Pizza from Gino’s East

    Go to the Art Museum (Tuesdays used to be free)

    Go to a Cub’s Game

    Take a stroll along Michigan Ave.

    Take a drive on lower Wacker

    Great Hotdogs/sausages

    Greek Town has some great food

    Natural Museum and Science Museum are good

    That should keep you busy for a while.

  4. rlndsv August 28, 2013 at 9:17 AM - Reply

    Definately check out the Hancock Observitory (here’s a tip: avoid the admission fee by going to the lounge just one floor below the observatory level). Also, check out Millenium Park.
    Contact the Chicago Office of Tourism for lots more info (877-244-2246).

  5. tavis c August 28, 2013 at 8:29 AM - Reply

    u gotta go to navy pier which is right by the beach, umm state street where all the hotest stores r ,hard rock cafe,joes carb shack and the rain forest cafe

  6. grudgrime August 28, 2013 at 8:00 AM - Reply

    If you’ve never been there before you may want to check out Navy Pier


    Rush Street

    Shedd Aquarium

    Try a HotDog at

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