How to connect home Sat box to home pc for wirless viewing?

Useing my home network, pc, and main sat box how can I stream my box to my pc for viewing tv in another room?

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  1. Glyn B August 24, 2013 at 10:10 PM - Reply

    The basic method would be install a humble WinTV card and connect to the decoder box’s Composite and Audio feeds (or old-style analogue aerial feed, if it so has one). These are cheap and should work on just about any OS, even Linux!

    Hauppauge are the most well known WinTV maker (indeed “WinTV” is their trademark, albeit become a generic term these days).

    More advanced (and from the same company, or others) is DVB-S tuner cards – which take the satellite feed direct to your computer. I personally use MythTV on a computer with two DVB-S2 cards and access the recordings via a home LAN.

    Anything is possible! But certainly the WinTV option is a quick’n’cheap way forward.

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