How is it possible with all this government borrowing that market interest rates haven’t risen?

I am very curious at how it is possible for interest rates to remain low, while our government borrows money at an unprecedented rate? As there is a limited supply of money out there, shouldn’t interest rates have skyrocketed by now?

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  1. Bruce August 28, 2013 at 6:03 AM - Reply

    Awesome question.
    The Federal Reserve makes money out of thin air–actually now so much to the point where they don’t even bother printing the money; just saying they did on computer. Ever since our government founded the Federal Reserve and with it adopted Kyensian Economics in 1913 the value of our dollar has depreciated 97% in value. Their philosophy is inflation cures inflation. Of course it, in reality, only leads to more recessions down the road because of the fabricated interest rates which give borrowers and spenders false pretenses and they take risks they wouldn’t have other wise taken. The Federals Reserve is by definition a banking cartel….So there you go; we actually don’t even know how much the fed prints on a daily basis because they’re more secretive than the CIA(which doesn’t seem right) so it’s pretty disturbing stuff.

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