How do I buy foreclosures directly from the government?

Do you have to be a real estate broker or agent (and have brokerage license) in order to buy directly from the government? What prices can I expect on foreclosures in our declining economy? I don’t want to pay anything higher than expected in our current economy. Where can I obtain the foreclosure listings and other info for free? Please direct me to a proper website that explains all this. Thanks.

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  1. curtisports2 August 24, 2013 at 5:59 AM - Reply

    The only foreclosures at this time that the government is directly involved with are those that were insured by FHA and VA loans. But you do not deal directly with the government, you do not buy direct from the government. These homes, as well as those that are foreclosed on by banks, are offered through listings that any licensed Realtor should be able to access for you. There are dozens and dozens of websites devoted to the search of listings of foreclosures, many of which charge a fee for ‘membership’. You can get this info for nothing by calling a real estate broker.

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