How can I find out if a house is in foreclosure?

I am currently looking to rent a home in the Tampa Bay or Spring Hill Florida areas. Foreclosures being so rampant right now, where can I go online to find out if the house is in trouble?

I have asked realtor agents directly and have been told the houses are fine only to find out in the newspaper or from neighbors the house is in foreclosure.

I tried Googling the addresses of houses I am interested in with no luck. Can anyone direct me to any other resources?

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  1. David Z August 28, 2013 at 6:56 AM - Reply

    call your county clerk and find out what newspaper foreclosure notices are posted in for your area? it will likely be a weekly legal newspaper you have never heard of.

    Buy a copy of the paper and look thru all the notices.

    Foreclosure notices or “Notice of Trustee Sales” are what you are looking for. There are 3-4 of these issued indicating a foreclosure sale is coming and it has the date on it. If none of these are issued then all is well for now.

    Ask your landlord also. Ask them if they are current on their mortgage.

  2. Ed Atun August 28, 2013 at 6:06 AM - Reply

    Foreclosure notices must be filed at the County Recorders Office. They are all there. If you can’t get them online, go into the office. They have a computer on the front desk for you to check the repo’s.
    Once the house is owned by the bank you can search Wells Fargo’s at (i dont’ work for them) and Countrywide at ( i don’t work for them).

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